Worst contracts in the NFC South?

John Clayton has his list of the 10 worst contracts in the NFL and two NFC South players are on it.

Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams (five years, $43 million) came in at No. 6. It’s tough to dispute that because Williams hasn’t produced big numbers the past two seasons. Williams’ contract is compounded by the fact the Panthers also gave Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert big contracts. But, amazingly, the Panthers really aren’t making good use of the trio. They’re running the read option and quarterback Cam Newton is the only one putting up much in the way of rushing yards. Williams was only on the field for five plays in Sunday’s loss to Dallas. I still think Williams is a very talented player, who could be well worth his contract -- if he was used the right way. Nobody knows how things are going to play out in Carolina after the season, but the Panthers clearly are going to have to unload some big contracts and Williams appears to be at the top of the list.

Clayton also has New Orleans defensive end Will Smith (six years, $60.8 million) at No. 8. Again, it’s tough to argue this one. I think Smith is a solid all-around defensive end, but not a great one. He has two sacks this season and had 6.5 last year and 5.5 in 2010. The Saints are going to have to make some 2013 salary-cap decisions and they obviously need to make some adjustments to their defensive personnel. At the very least, I’d expect the Saints to ask Smith to restructure his deal. At worst, they could part ways with him.