Seahawks O-line coach Tom Cable sees potential up front


RENTON, Wash. -- After watching his prospects go through three days of rookie minicamp, Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable thinks training camp this summer is going to be quite a battle.

“It will be the most competitive camp we’ve had on the offensive line,” Cable said.

The Seahawks have three 2015 draft picks (Terry Poole, Mark Glowinski, Kristjan Sokoli) and a couple of young free agents (rookie Jesse Davis and former Notre Dame player Kona Schwenke) that Cable believes can fight for spots on the line.

Poole (6-foot-5, 325 pounds from San Diego State) and Glowinski (6-4, 310 from West Virginia) were fourth-round draft picks. Sokoli (6-5, 300 from Buffalo) was a sixth-round pick who played nose tackle in college.

The Seahawks are moving Sokoli to center. Poole worked at left guard in rookie camp and Glowinski worked at right guard. Cable also is high on Davis (6-6, 310 from Idaho), who worked at left tackle. And the big surprise of rookie camp was Schwenke (6-4, 285) a former defensive tackle that is moving to guard.

Granted, you can’t learn a lot on down linemen when they’re in shorts and no pads, but Cable was looking for specific things.

"This whole thing [rookie camp], really, is to see how they learned and what their capacity was to work in a short period of time,” Cable said. “It’s putting all that information together. It’s an exciting group.”

Cable talked about some of the players specifically.

His comment of Glowsinski: “He’s a really solid, tough, physical football player.”

On Sokoli’s adjustment to center: “It’s just getting used to multitasking -- snapping, stepping, talking and talking, snapping, stepping, and it all had to come bam, bam, bam. It makes it a little more difficult, but he was fine.”

Cable also talked about one player who wasn’t at rookie camp -- third-year player Alvin Bailey. He’s the potential starter at left guard. Bailey lost 30 pounds in the offseason to get down to 320. He played at 350 last year.

Cable said offensive line rookies often gain weight between their first and second year in the NFL.

“Every year with rookies I talk about this,” Cable said. “I say, ‘You guys won’t listen to this, but here’s what’s going to happen [gaining weight].’

Cable said they often feel tired after a grueling first season, and then eat like crazy when the season ends.

“Sure enough, it happened [to Bailey],” Cable said. “But when he left in February, the mission was for him to come back at the 320 mark, where he can be at his best, because he got too big.”