A quick NFC West roster snapshot

The NFC West chat is getting underway, but first I wanted to pass along an updated roster snapshot for NFC West teams.

Some have asked about the downloadable roster files I've made available in the past. Those still need some work as I verify information and expand what's available, not only for NFC West teams but for all the other ones as well. Context is key in presenting those.

The St. Louis Rams have a league-high 60 players not yet 25 years old. That is greater than what I would consider an ideal number. It reflects a larger than usual number of undrafted rookies. It shows the Rams' willingness to go young throughout nearly all the roster.

For example, three of the five specialists on the Rams' roster are not yet 25. The other two are 25. Sometimes even young teams go with veteran players in those positions. Not the Rams. They're young just about everywhere except in certain spots along the offensive line.

Three of the Arizona Cardinals' 30-plus players are specialists. The same goes for the San Francisco 49ers. That is something to keep in mind when looking at chart figures showing number of players age 30 and older.

2013 Age Ranges for NFC West Teams on June 6, 2013