Muscular (but no longer roided-out) rosters

There was a point last season, sometime in October, when I stopped updating the 26-column rosters I'd maintained for every NFL team since 2007.

2013 NFC West Roster Counts, June 8

Turns out I missed having the information handy. So, beginning in April, I went back through nearly six months of daily transactions to make the rosters current again. That process is complete and I'm now able to offer for download what I consider to be a pretty helpful tool for football junkies.

Here are the rosters in Excel featuring 26 columns of information for every current NFC West player, plus every player to spend time on the roster since the 2007 season. The file includes one sheet for each NFC West team, with summary information at the top.

Longtime visitors to the blog might recall me calling these downloadable rosters "roided out" in the past, a reference to their muscular nature. I'm not going to call them roided-out rosters any longer because the term too frequently stirs images of players suspended under the NFL's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

Enjoy responsibly.

2013 NFC West Roster Counts on June 8