710ESPN Seattle audio: Off the turnbuckle

Those familiar with John Clayton's hilarious "SportsCenter" promo might appreciate another unlikely visual: Clayton jumping off a wrestling ring's turnbuckle to deliver a crushing blow against an opponent. We worked to make that happen, at least figuratively, during a 710ESPN Seattle conversation Monday with co-hosts Brock Huard and Danny O'Neil.

Matt Williamson Ranks West (May 2013)

Clayton and I delivered some tag-team shots on O'Neil for his take on the St. Louis Rams' decision to delay contract agreements with rookies, a strategy the team said it employed to educate players on financial responsibility.

From there, we covered the Seattle Seahawks-San Francisco 49ers rivalry, offering thoughts on whether it could inhabit the top spot for pro sports rivalries from a Seattle perspective. We doubled back to discuss the Rams one more time, conspicuously omitting references to a fourth NFC West team.

There are still four teams in the NFC West, right? I'll try to get confirmation while passing along the 710ESPN audio link.

One question we considered: Is Earl Thomas the Seahawks' best player regardless of position? I made the case for yes. Clayton made the case for Richard Sherman.

Another: Do the 49ers rank fourth in the division at wide receiver? ESPN's Matt Williamson ranked them third during our post-draft review April 30. That was before the 49ers lost top receiver Michael Crabtree to a torn Achilles' tendon.