Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The team-by-team scorecard is evening up now that the Rams are worth watching again.

Before the season, I envisioned attending most games pitting one NFC West team against another. The Cardinals' fast start and the other teams' struggles have forced an adjustment in plans. I'll be heading to North Carolina this weekend for the Cardinals-Panthers matchup, the fourth time in seven games I'll see Arizona play in person.

At some point here I wouldn't mind staying home in the Seattle area for a weekend. I'm leaning toward doing that in Weeks 9 and 11, sandwiched around a trip to Arizona for the 49ers-Cardinals game on Monday night. But if the Rams beat the Patriots and the Cardinals lose at Carolina, the Week 9 game between St. Louis and Arizona suddenly becomes a battle for first place.

The chart shows how many times I've seen each NFC West team in person this season. As always, I value your feedback in helping me determine where to go each week. Seeing the best matchups is the top priority, but I also want to see every team in the division periodically.

A quick look at the travel schedule so far, followed by a look at the possibilities for the remaining weeks:

Week 1: Cardinals at 49ers.

Week 2: 49ers at Seahawks.

Week 3: Rams at Seahawks.

Week 4: Cardinals at Jets.

Week 5: Patriots at 49ers.

Week 6: Cowboys at Cardinals.

Week 7: Cowboys at Rams.

Week 8: Cardinals at Panthers

Week 9

  1. Eagles at Seahawks

  2. Cardinals at Rams

Week 10

  1. 49ers at Cardinals.

  2. Seahawks at Dolphins

  3. Rams at Jets

Week 11

  1. Arizona at Seattle

  2. St. Louis at San Francisco

Week 12

  1. NY Giants at Arizona

  2. Washington at Seattle

  3. San Francisco at Dallas

  4. Chicago at St. Louis

Week 13

  1. Cardinals at Eagles

  2. Dolphins at Rams.

  3. Seahawks at Cowboys

  4. 49ers at Bills

Week 14

  1. Patriots at Seahawks

  2. Rams at Cardinals

  3. Jets at 49ers

Week 15

  1. Seahawks at Rams

  2. Vikings at Cardinals

  3. 49ers at Dolphins

Week 16

  1. Cardinals at Patriots.

  2. 49ers at Rams.

  3. Jets at Seahawks.

Week 17

  1. Seahawks at Cardinals

  2. Redskins at 49ers

  3. Rams at Falcons