Roided-out NFC West rosters: Week 8

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Updating lineups across the league has produced fresh perspective on rosters for teams in the NFC West and beyond. The latest roided-out rosters are ready for download. A few roster-related tidbits based on the latest calculations:

  • The Rams have 27 offensive players, tied with Oakland for second-most in the league behind Tampa Bay (28). The average is 25.1.

  • The 49ers are carrying 10 offensive linemen, tied with Dallas and San Diego for most in the league. The average is 8.7. The 49ers' number is high because the team claimed Kirk Barton off waivers while stilly carrying an injured Jonas Jennings.

  • The 49ers have 29 of their own draft choices on the 53-man roster, sixth-most in the league. Seattle has 28, followed in the division by the Cardinals (26) and Rams (21). The league average is 25.7. Carrying lots of one's own draft choices doesn't always reflect successful drafting. But it can be one measure if the team is playing well.

  • Even without Matt Hasselbeck, the Seahawks have the sixth-oldest offensive starters in the league with a 29.1-year average. The Redskins, Jets, Titans, Eagles and Cowboys have older starting offenses. I count Bobby Engram as a starter for Seattle.

  • The Rams have the 10th-oldest starting defense and second-oldest defense counting starters and backups. The Steelers, Dolphins and Ravens have the oldest defensive starters. That number is OK for the Rams in the short term as long as Leonard Little is a dominant pass rusher and La'Roi Glover and Corey Chavous are productive.

  • The Rams have the NFL's oldest defensive backups and fifth-oldest offensive backups. The only other NFC West backups among the 10 oldest: 49ers offense (10th) and Cardinals defense (10th). Seattle's defensive backups are 22nd-oldest. The Cardinals' offensive backups are 21st-oldest.

  • Seattle is older on offense (27.8) than defense (26.7). The 1.1-year difference marks the fifth-largest age gap between sides of the ball, regardless of which side is older. The Steelers, Redskins, Dolphins and Bengals possess wider disparities.

  • The Seahawks have nine players in their 30s. The league average is 11.3. The Rams have 17, followed in the division by the Cardinals (14) and 49ers (11).

  • Seattle's injured-reserve count dropped to nine when the team reached a settlement with receiver Billy McMullen, who suffered a broken finger last week. Only Baltimore (10) has more players on injured reserve.

  • Based on listed weights, the Seahawks average 291 pounds on the defensive line, 240 pounds at linebacker and 207 pounds in the secondary (starters only). Each of those weights is slightly higher than the league average for teams running 4-3 defenses. The Rams' starters are lighter at linebacker (234) than the average 4-3 team.

OK, I'll stop. Hope some of you enjoy the fine print, and the rosters.