Chat wrap: 49ers fans have hope

Thanks to those who kept the latest NFC West chat moving. Lots of 49ers excitement out there this week. Chat transcript here. Highlights below:

Danny: Mike, let me apologize for all the upset 9er fans! After years of waiting there is actually an actual glimmer of hope. Being actually realistic and the niners not making the playoffs but finishing 8-8 at best, what are out chances next year with a good draft?

Mike Sando: The 49ers have good young talent in key spots. I think a lot of it comes down to what we see from Alex Smith over the final five games. So far, not so bad. It's important for this organization to have the answer at that position. Smith looks like he could provide the right answer. The outlook brightens considerably if he makes that happen. Some optimism is indeed warranted right now.

Luke (Bellingham, WA): All this time and not one question about the future of the Hawks front office?! What's your take on Holmgren, is it his job if he wants it? Do they reach out to an up and coming talent?

Mike Sando: The Seahawks will do their diligence in the search process. They hired a firm to assist. They will follow NFL protocol, which requires interviewing at least one minority candidate. They know Mike Holmgren is there and they know he would love to have the job, so they can afford to let the process play out. Holmgren isn't going anywhere without giving Seattle a chance, in my view. I think the team will consider Holmgren, but I do not think the team is leaning that way at this time.

Armen Dacity (Winter Park, Florida): RAMS QUESTION!!!! Given the Rams' offensive system, which potential Round 2-3 QB do you think would be the best fit: Colt McCoy, Tony Pike, Tim Tebow or Dan LaFevre?

Mike Sando: Rams? Hmmm. The name sounds familiar. Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. answered that very question. I'll defer to him since he actually watches college games and studies the players. He went with Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen. His direct quote: "All of our top three and McCoy could fit. I would go in order of Locker, Bradford, McCoy and then Clausen. Clausen could do it, but McCoy has better mobility. In that system, you need a little bit more of a mobile quarterback."

TJ (California): Mike, do you think Kurt Warner will start this week? Or do you think he might rest so he will be ready for the all-important 49ers game? I'm sure the Cardinals don't want Kurt re-injured. What are your thoughts?

Mike Sando: The Cardinals probably would not make the decision based on saving Kurt Warner for the 49ers. Seems to me like players play if they are cleared to play. Warner overruled that last week, but I don't think he was saving himself for any future opponents. He just did not feel right.

Apologies to Armen from Winter Park. Upon re-reading the question, I see it asked about quarterbacks in the second or third round. I do not have a great answer for you. Hopefully the answer I provided helps some.