Wrap-up: Bears 17, Rams 9

Rams quarterback Kyle Boller had plenty of time to throw during some third-down plays Sunday.

Too many times, Boller either could not find anyone open or he could not make the play.

That is increasingly the story of the 2009 Rams. They need playmakers and they need them badly. Boller needed a couple late completions to push his yards-per-attempt average to 3.5, half what a productive quarterback might average.

The Rams handed off to Steven Jackson on third-and-11 with less than 11 minutes remaining in a game they trailed, 17-6. The conservative call set up a successful 50-yard field goal try. There was no point in trying to push the ball down the field because the Rams simply lack the personnel to do so.

The Rams suffered through their lowest-scoring game since Week 7. Upcoming games against the Titans (road), Texans, Cardinals (road) and 49ers make a 1-15 record more likely than anything better.

The Rams spent last offseason rebuilding their offensive line. They need another offensive tackle and help on defense, for sure, but finding dynamic players at the skill positions, notably quarterback and receiver, must be a top priority for this team in the 2010 draft.