Strong words in support of Percy Harvin

There's more to Seattle Seahawks training camp than Percy Harvin's injury situation. We'll get to those other things as camp progresses. For now, on the second day of practices, Harvin remains the most compelling story.

Brock Huard, Danny O'Neil and I got together on 710ESPN Seattle to debate whether Harvin's history with the Minnesota Vikings justifies the here-we-go-again refrain expressed by those familiar with the receiver's past. Harvin did miss quite a few practices while with the Vikings. Is he playing games when he seeks a second opinion from a doctor in New York regarding a potential torn labrum in his hip?

Sidney Rice, Harvin's teammate in Minnesota and again with Seattle, addressed that subject head on during a post-practice interview Friday.

"For as long as I've been with Percy, the first two years, he is one of the hardest workers I have seen on and off the field, whether it be practice or in the game time," Rice said. "When he comes out there, he lays it all on the line. He is not a guy who sits out of practice because he has that status that he can do it. He is a guy who is going to come in and work every chance he gets to earn his just like everyone else has."

Indeed, it was league MVP Adrian Peterson who said Harvin's departure from the team was a kick to the stomach. Could there be a more credible character witness for Harvin?

"People on the outside are going to form their own opinion from the bits and pieces that they hear, but they never really know," Rice said. "He earned the contract he got because he works hard. The guys around here trust in him and believe in him. He's not coming out here taking days of and doing his own thing. I don't think he is that type of person. You get that perception from people who don't really know what is going on."