Gridiron Challenge: Johnson vs. Rams

Adding Titans running back Chris Johnson to your NFC West Gridiron Challenge team requires an $8.5 million allotment from a $50 million salary cap.

The high price might be justified in Week 14.

Johnson faces a Rams defense running low on healthy bodies. The Titans' physical style could be difficult for the Rams' defense to match. And if a young linebacker or safety takes the wrong angle on Johnson, look out.

The chart shows the standings through Week 13. "Steak for Dinner?" remains in the top spot by 14 points.

My team suffered a bit last week when Matt Schaub left the Texans' lineup. Frank Gore was also eating up too much cap space relative to his diminished role, so I made a move at that position. Adding receiver Pierre Garcon a week ago paid off. I could use a budget running back this week if anyone is offering free suggestions.

NFC West Gridiron Challenge