FTP: Fitzgerald sees future as TV journalist

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TEMPE, Ariz. – Larry Fitzgerald sits in front of his locker every week with the cameras' glare staring him in the face while the media bombard him with questions.

To him, it’s just practice.

When he’s done with football, the Cardinals' seven-time Pro Bowl receiver wants to still be in front of the camera, but in a different capacity.

“What Anderson Cooper does every day, I believe that’s incredibly fascinating,” Fitzgerald said, speaking at a promotional event Tuesday.

Fitzgerald doesn’t necessarily want to be a sports broadcaster. Rather, he’d prefer something that can take him around the world so he can share the news as he sees it. His father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., has been a sportswriter in Minneapolis since 1978, according to his Twitter bio. Going to work with his father and watching him file his columns had an unintended impact on Fitzgerald.

“I think you just pick up on things from osmosis,” Fitzgerald said.

He’s also seen firsthand how international stories are portrayed in America. Fitzgerald travels the world every offseason, and his ventures have taken him to areas he’s watched covered on the news. Being there has allowed him to form his own opinion on what’s truly happening.

“The more I’ve traveled and the more I’ve been around the world, you get a feel of what the Western media force-feeds you,” Fitzgerald said. “[When] you see it for yourself you can formulate your own opinion.”

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