Gore succeeds even against loaded fronts

The 49ers are 5-0 this season when Frank Gore gets more than 15 carries. They are 0-6 when he does not (Gore missed two additional games).

Sometimes a running back will get more carries simply because his team is winning. In this case, though, we're not talking about 20 or 25 carries. Fifteen is a relatively low figure.

These types of stats can be a little misleading. Gore had 16 carries and a 2.1-yard average during a 20-3 victory over the Jaguars. Getting the ball two fewer times wouldn't have changed the outcome. Overall, though, the stat affirms the fact that involving Gore in the offense makes obvious sense. The success San Francisco enjoyed against the Cardinals should make it tougher for the 49ers to justify taking the offense too far in another direction.

Gore averaged 7.3 yards per carry against the Cardinals on 10 rushes when Arizona had more defenders in the box than the 49ers had blockers, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Gore has averaged a league-best 7.2 yards per carry in those situations this season, thanks in part to his breakout performance against Seattle in Week 2.