Morning Ram-blings: Digging through QBs

ST. LOUIS -- One way or another, it appears the St. Louis Rams are determined to select a quarterback at some point in the 2014 NFL draft.

General manager Les Snead has already acknowledged as much while maintaining that Sam Bradford remains the team's starter and the team won't use an early selection on a quarterback who would almost certainly serve as a backup.

As Bradford continues to rehabilitate from a torn ACL, the Rams' quarterback focus is expected to be on a young prospect with the ability to provide backup help with some upside. Last week, stltoday.com columnist Bernie Miklasz dug in and did some extensive research on where the league's most successful quarterbacks come from.

It's not really a surprise that Miklasz's findings indicate that quarterbacks drafted early, especially in the first two rounds have more success than others. Sure, there are exceptions to be found in guys like Tom Brady or Russell Wilson, but for the most part the league's starters come from the first and second rounds.

From a Rams' perspective, those numbers may not mean as much. The team isn't necessarily looking for a starter so it's unlikely they'll use an early pick on a signal caller. The hope would be to find a guy who can be a solid backup and perhaps work his way into starting over time. That's not something you see much of in today's NFL where teams are quick to throw young quarterbacks into the mix.

Over the next few months, the Rams will get a chance to dig through the many quarterback prospects in this year's draft. Snead has said he'll look at all of the options but when it comes to making a pick, it's exceedingly likely they'll look to find the next Wilson -- a productive college QB drafted in the third round -- than the next top-10 pick.


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