New stadium equals Week 1 home game?

Earlier in the week, we examined the chances of the San Francisco 49ers starting the season at Seattle in the NFL kickoff game on Thursday, Sept. 4.

While that matchup makes sense, there could be a wrinkle -- the league may want the 49ers to open the season by showing off new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The team is moving into the stadium adjacent to their team headquarters in 2014.

Recent NFL history shows that most teams that open a new stadium play there in Week 1, but it’s far from a slam dunk. Of the 13 teams that opened stadiums since 2000, nine opened the season at home and four opened on the road.

Here's the list:

Cincinnati, 2000: Home

Denver, 2001: Home

Pittsburgh, 2001: Road

Detroit, 2002: Road

Houston, 2002: Home

New England, 2002: Home

Seattle, 2002: Road

Philadelphia, 2003: Home

Arizona, 2006: Home

Indianapolis, 2008: Home

Dallas, 2009: Road

New York Giants, 2010: Home

New York Jets, 2010: Home