Mailbag: DeAngelo Hall and NFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Collin from Syracuse writes: Hey Sando, any chance on the 49ers making a move for Hall now that he is on his way out in Oakland?

Mike Sando: The 49ers invested lots of money in Nate Clements. They have drafted at the position. I'm not sure that's where they need to spend their money. Guess it depends some on what Hall might command on the market. I haven't spoken with anyone at the 49ers about it given that this news is pretty fresh.

Kevin from Seattle writes: ESPN is reporting the Raiders may release DeAngelo Hall this week ... would the Seahawks consider picking him up to help shore up a terrible pass defense?
Mike Sando: Jim Mora likes DeAngelo Hall and stays in touch with him. The Seahawks are happy with Marcus Trufant and Josh Wilson, however. They also have 2006 first-round choice Kelly Jennings. So I'm not sure about the fit. Looking around the NFC West, he might fit better in St. Louis or Arizona, just based on those teams' situations at cornerback.

Lee from Chandler, Ariz., writes: I would like to see Brian St. Pierre move up the depth chart to eventually become the starter for Arizona. I know Matt Leinart isn't Coach Whiz's favorite choice ... or anyone's favorite choice (except maybe Denny Green's). How would someone like Brian move ahead of a first-rounder? (Other than out-play him in training camp, which I thought he did).
I'm not really big on the idea of having Matt take over in the near future. I think he stinks as an NFL QB, and that his time is better served in Hollywood than here in Arizona!!!!!

Mike Sando: Ken Whisenhunt would seem to have no trouble elevating a lesser-known player over a top draft choice if he preferred the lesser-known player. Whisenhunt has nothing personally invested in Leinart -- he wasn't on the job when the organization drafted him -- and that might liberate him from having to stick with the higher pick just because.

MFryan from Gainesville, Fla., writes: Mike, I enjoyed both this week's column on the power rankings and the attached spreadsheets. I appreciate how much work was put into the data collecting and sorting of the spreadsheets (I myself am a UF prof). The column was, again, well written: succinct, novel, and fun. Thanks.

Mike Sando: That's great to hear. Much appreciated. It's a passion and fun to hear when it resonates with someone. I'll keep it up (in part because I can't stop!).

Nicholas from New York writes: Sando, is there any talk of deion branch restructuring his contract? I saw somewhere that he is the third highest paid wr in the league, behind owens and steve smith (carolina). Is that true? no wonder engram is pissed about his contract (even though he dropped 2 3rd down receptions that would have kept drives alive). but really if a guy comes to seattle for a number 1 pick then gets paid big time and can never get on the field. he should do the right thing to help the team. set his contract up so he earns it!!! thanks go hawks!!
Mike Sando: Branch's deal has settled a bit as other receivers -- Larry Fitzgerald, Lee Evans, Randy Moss, Javon Walker, Terrell Owens and others -- have signed lucrative deals. And, of course, there are several ways to measure a contract's value. Branch's deal ranks ninth in average per year.

Andy from Huntington Beach, Calif., writes: Mike, Just wondering if you think Shaun hill will be able to manage the offense given his supposedly less than stellar arm strength. If not, what other quarterbacks to you feel could come in and help the 49ers? I have little faith in Martin and I think JTO has proven that he is too turnover prone to be a starting NFL QB. Would Tim Rattay be an option?
Mike Sando: We don't even know who will be coordinating the offense next season. For the short term, Hill doesn't really match what Mike Martz wants to do. But it was clear the team couldn't win with O'Sullivan throwing all those interceptions. Martz has a reputation for doing things his way and not changing his approach. Does he suddenly change his approach now? And if he does, can he coach effectively that way?

I don't see another quarterback coming in and helping this season. Beyond this season, we need to know who is coaching the team and coordinating the offense.