By the decade: NFC West receivers

Torry Holt set the standard for NFC West receivers during the first decade of the 2000s.

The former Rams wideout had more yards and touchdowns than former Seattle mainstays Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram combined. He made spectacular catches somewhat routinely and averaged a healthy 14.5 yards per reception.

After sizing up the decade's best NFC West quarterbacks and runners, I went back to Pro Football Reference for a closer look at the receivers (Cardinals, 49ers, Rams, Seahawks).

The ability to score touchdowns often separates great receivers from the very good ones. Terrell Owens ranked third among NFC West receivers with 51 touchdowns during the decade despite starting fewer games than any of the six others with at least 4,000 yards for division teams during that span.

NFC West receivers: 2000-2009

Torry Holt had more receptions for more yards and more touchdowns than any other NFC West player during the first 10 years of this century. The chart breaks out stats for the seven receivers with at least 4,000 yards during that span, excluding any stats those players had for teams outside the division.