Gridiron Challenge: 2009 champs

Longtime NFC West Gridiron Challenge leader "Steak for Dinner?" will have company across the table at the imaginary championship banquet.

Burty's Boys outscored the carnivorous one 146-117 in Week 17 to finish in a first-place tie out of 2,245 entries. Both had 2,230 points. I'm trying to find out whether Bill Polian forced "Steak for Dinner?" to rest any starters in the final week.

Either way, great job.

The regular-season portion of the contest is now over. You'll need to sign up for the playoff version to keep competing.

This was my first experience in a Gridiron Challenge league and my first fantasy football team since about 1994 or 1995. It was lots of fun. My team put up 127 points in Week 17 to finish with 1,961 points, good for 257th place and the 94.4 percentile. I'll take it.

Some of my comments from last week apparently became bulletin-board material for one of the other competitors.

"If all goes to plan," I wrote, "I'll jump past Crabtree's Folly, among others right ahead of me in the standings."

All Crabtree's Folly did was score a league-high 184 points last week (see second chart). Well played.