Rich history to Haslett-Martz rivalry

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Rams coach Jim Haslett has gotten to know 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz since spending a couple of hours chatting with him at a Senior Bowl practice. They squared off when Haslett was the Saints' head coach and Martz was with the Rams, and they'll meet again in their current capacities when the Rams visit the 49ers on Sunday.

The reunion led reporters to ask Haslett about comments he made about Martz's offense in 2001. As Sports Illustrated put it back then:

"Following the Saints' victory over the Rams on Oct. 28, Haslett told reporters that in his halftime address to his players he had decried St. Louis's reliance on 'bull-crap plays,' and he seemed to mock a few trick plays the Rams had pulled off. By NFL coaching standards the quotes were the equivalent of an invective-laced rant in a rappers' feud, but Haslett called Rams coach Mike Martz to clarify his intent. 'What I was trying to say is that if I had those players, I'd do that stuff too,' Haslett says."

When Haslett became defensive coordinator in St. Louis, Martz gave Haslett a primer on how things work within the Rams' organization. If anyone has a transcript of that conversation, by all means pass it along. Here's what Haslett told reporters Wednesday:

"During the era when we were both going at each other, we didn't really talk much because obviously it's two ends of the spectrum and then I actually talked to him at length at the Senior Bowl a couple years ago. We were sitting in the stands for about two hours and we talked about both organizations and then the time playing against each other and reminiscing on all that stuff and then when I came here we talked about the organization, what to expect and how things were run because obviously he had great insight on it."

As for those Martz-conceived plays Haslett decried back in 2001? Haslett expects Martz to use them again Sunday. "I'm sure he will," Haslett said.