Silver says he never misquoted Rolle

If Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle is going to question a reporter's integrity, it's only fair that the reporter gets to stand up for himself.

Yahoo.com's Mike Silver has this to say about Rolle's claims that the veteran reporter twisted what he said about Saints quarterback Drew Brees:

Antrel Rolle gave that quote to me at the end of an interview at his locker (as he said, he was starting to walk away). I wrote it down as he spoke and quoted him exactly. It was related in its proper context and was a completely accurate portrayal of what he said about Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. I am angered that Rolle would call me a liar publicly and disappointed that his quotes would run without any attempt to contact me for my response.

Fair enough. I linked to the Arizona Republic's story about the situation and, in retrospect, should have reached out to Silver at that time.