Chat wrap: Hot topics abound

Thanks to those who kept the latest NFC West chat moving. Transcript here. Highlights below.

Dave (NYC): Hi Mike. Hope all is well. Do you think that the Cards' defense will show up this game? Why don't the Cards do what the Jets do with Revis and have DRC lock the top receivers down on the opposing team? Also do you see the Cards' offensive line protecting Warner as they have done lately?

Mike Sando: Everything I've seen from the Cardinals over the last couple seasons suggests their defense will be much better this week. Antrel Rolle's ability to move in coverage (despite some injury concerns) could be critical. Also, the Cardinals think Calais Campbell will be able to do more this week. That will be important as well. At corner, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is not on Darrelle Revis' level. On the offensive line, Kurt Warner is the key there. He needs to get rid of the football quickly. He is the key to beating the rush.

Justin (Seattle): Has Tod Leiweke lost credibility during this past season with the Seahawks

Mike Sando: Yes, to the extent that he has presided over a front office that has been dysfunctional more than once, whether it was when Bob Whitsitt was fired or Mike Reinfeldt was pushed out or Tim Ruskell resigned or the team failed to land Mike Holmgren or he had to apologize to Jim Mora, etc. I do think Tod Leiweke still has credibility and he has the best interests' of the Seahawks' at heart. But as he has said, it's been a brutal stretch here and he takes "full responsibility" (his words).

WAKIKI (cuba B): First year opinion on Singletary?

Mike Sando: Mostly positive. Mike Singletary's genuineness resonated with players and made him a respected leader. I would expect continued improvement from him in the areas where he wasn't experienced, namely game management. His background as a position coach could make him a little vulnerable if, say, defensive coordinator Greg Manusky departed. But overall, I think Singletary recovered nicely from what seemed like a shaky start in the interim role. He got better.

Garrett (Richmond, VA): Where do the Rams plan to start in this draft after drafting Suh? What positions are they looking to improve most?

Mike Sando: The Rams need to upgrade their situation at receiver. They need a future at quarterback. They need more help at linebacker. They need outside pass-rush help in a big way. They need a tight end. They need a backup running back. They could need an offensive tackle.