Chat wrap: GM choices, draft and more

We mixed up the regular chat schedule with a bonus session Monday. Transcript here. Highlights below:

Griffin (Portland, OR): What is the best option for the 49ers at QB? Stay with Smith, trade for a QB or use the draft to find one?

Mike Sando: The 49ers should be proactive in trying to upgrade the quarterback position. See what's out there in free agency and via the trade route. Check out what is there in draft as well. Don't be afraid to draft a quarterback at any point, even the first round. Then, once the team has done its diligence there, reassess and see if starting Alex Smith still seems like the best option. The 49ers do not absolutely have to find another quarterback this offseason. But if they have an opportunity, by all means do it.

Shephard Hawk (Roseville, CA): Mike, the Seahawks have an interesting choice this week when they chose their GM. First, of the remaining candidates what are the strengths of the remaining two or three candidates and their weaknesses? Second, could they hire two of them? One for president and one for GM? Third, who do you think is a no-brainer? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Sando: Floyd Reese looked like the most logical choice from my end for a few reasons. He has lots of experience. He has a history with Pete Carroll. He and Carroll are of similar age. Throw those things together and Reese might have the easiest time working with Carroll. He might also have the profile needed to effectively resist Carroll when the coach needs some steering. The other candidates are younger and might have the potential to surpass Reese. Reese just seems like the safer choice. As for hiring more than one candidate in more than one capacity, sure, that could happen. Just depends on what roles the team envisions for each guy. Reese has experience in cap matters and pro personnel and college personnel and everything right on down to coaching. Omar Khan appears to be more of a cap guy. I perceive John Schneider to be more of a personnel guy.

Joe Comeau (Fort Worth, TX): Hey Mike, I follow you on Facebook and ESPN. I really appreciate your fan-friendly approach. How do you think the Cards will and/or should approach the draft? I think they should get a CB and LB in the first two rounds, a QB and OL in the next two, and the final three rounds go for the best defensive player available. Obviously, if a player too good to pass up falls to them, it changes everything.

Mike Sando: Thanks, Joe. I enjoy connecting with people and am glad that comes through. As for the Cardinals, I was really struck by their age at outside linebacker. They were trying to slow Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees with Bertrand Berry, Clark Haggans and Chike Okeafor. Those guys are up there in age. The Cardinals tried to protect themselves some by drafting Cody Brown, but he was pretty raw and then he suffered that very serious wrist injury. One way or another, Arizona needs to get some new blood at linebacker. Remember, too, that Karlos Dansby's future with the team is in some question. The situation at cornerback becomes easier to live with once you're getting more pressure from the OLB spots. I also think this team could use a better pass-protecting offensive tackle for sure.

Ken (Redondo Bch): Are the Rams going to re-sign Alex Barron?

Mike Sando: They need to upgrade that position, but the labor situation raises an interesting scenario. Barron reverts to being a restricted free agent if there is no labor deal. In that case, the Rams could always take a one-year flier on him by tendering him to a level that would return draft compensation if another team wanted to sign him.