Report: Seahawks talk to Rams coach

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a couple of Rams-related personnel notes:

  • Rams assistant offensive line coach Art Valero interviewed for an unspecified job with the Seahawks. Valero worked with Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in Tampa Bay earlier this decade. Valero has coached offensive line, tight ends and running backs at the NFL level. Steve Loney is the Rams' offensive line coach. I'll update when I know whether Valero remains a candidate for a job with Seattle, and in what capacity.

  • The Rams are replacing longtime trainer Jim Anderson. Anderson has stuck around a long time and across multiple coaching staffs. Sometimes a new head coach wants his own person in a specific role, though. In 1999, Mike Holmgren made a similar move in Seattle when he replaced trainer Jimmy Whitesel, who had been with the team since its inception.