Turley, the Rams and concussion fallout

Kyle Turley was outspoken during his playing days with the Saints, Rams and Chiefs. He remains outspoken as an advocate for concussion awareness.

Unlike some ex-players dealing with medical conditions, Turley says he would have stopped playing earlier had he known what awaited.

"I wouldn’t go back and do it the way I’ve done it, which is why I'm out there really trying to change these things," Turley told 790 The Ticket in Miami, according to sportsradiointerviews.com. "Because it shouldn’t have been up to me to come back after having a serious concussion. One of the highest-grade concussions you can have, I had been playing in St. Louis in 2003. I was knocked unconscious, I had to get woke up off the field and walked to the sideline, and the way I was treated in that situation and was able to play the next week wouldn’t and shouldn’t have been the case if I had the right people advising me, looking over my situation and if the right rules were followed."

Turley says he deals with severe sensitivity to light, plus depression and anxiety. Lots of people who never played football experience such symptoms, of course, but someone suffering multiple concussions is obviously more vulnerable. The NFL has become far more proactive in dealing with concussions. If Turley were playing for the Rams at present, there's almost no way he would have played one week after suffering a serious concussion. The Rams held out first-round draft choice Jason Smith for the final six games after Smith suffered one.

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