Power play: Help needed on rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

As always, your help in formulating my weekly power-rankings vote is appreciated. My tentative top 10 looks like this: Giants, Jets, Titans, Colts, Steelers, Bucs, Falcons, Ravens, Cardinals and Patriots. With this order, only one team in the top 10 has defeated a higher-ranked team (the Patriots and Jets split their season series).

The Giants and Jets have each defeated three of the teams ranked among those 10. The Colts have beaten the Steelers. The Panthers would fall out of the top 10. Does that seem harsh?

I'm particularly interested in feedback on the Colts, Steelers, Falcons and Ravens. Some Steelers fans wrote last week to suggest (politely, of course) that I was ranking their team too low. The Steelers have beaten the Texans, Browns, Ravens, Jaguars, Bengals (twice), Redskins and Chargers. Should they be higher than fifth? Why?

The Falcons handled the Panthers convincingly. Is sixth too high? Give me your top 10s if you get a chance and I'll go through them before submitting my votes after the Monday night game. The Cowboys, Redskins, Panthers, Packers and Dolphins are hanging around the fringes of the top 10. Which ones, if any, deserve strongest consideration?