Gridiron Challenge: Super Bowl week


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The playoff edition of the NFC West Gridiron Challenge fantasy game culminates with the Super Bowl.

My team has scored only 74 points in each of the last two weeks after racking up 155 in the wild-card round. It's a different game in the playoffs, as they say.

Beattie27 leads the nearly 2,000-team field heading into the final game, with five Colts players still active: Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Austin Collie, Dallas Clark and Matt Stover.

A few teams near the top have every position filled with Super Bowl players, including rward3636, who is tied for 10th overall (the ranking could change as other competitors join the group, which remains open to players in other leagues).

Rules prevented updating rosters after the championship round. That's something I'll keep in mind a little more prominently next time.

High score: Championship round

Glengursslin and mt252740 each scored 158 points in the last round, tied for the highest total. Both had two Pierres on their roster (Garcon, Thomas). Glenn Gursslin has more total points, so I'll break out his roster here.

NFC West Gridiron Challenge