Dansby: Giants among teams he likes

Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby hopes to become the next Calvin Pace by hitting the free-agent jackpot as a good player without a Pro Bowl on his résumé.

Pace left Arizona for the Jets in 2008.

Dansby, a two-time franchise player in Arizona, expects to hit the market in March. He listed the Giants, Chargers, Dolphins and Redskins among teams he'd like to join, according to Sirius Radio's Adam Schein.

The Cardinals paid $9.678 million to Dansby last season and I have a hard time envisioning them paying him similarly over the course of a long-term deal.

It's tough paying great money for good players, but it's also tough watching good players leave. The Cardinals' situation at linebacker will go from tenuous to sketchy if Dansby departs.