Post-combine update: Hawks at No. 6

Mel Kiper had quarterback Sam Bradford heading to Seattle with the sixth overall choice in his pre-combine Insider mock draft.

I'm revisiting the pre-combine item making sense of first-round choices for NFC West teams, adding post-combine thoughts, continuing with the Seahawks:

6. Seattle Seahawks

Mel's pick: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

My pre-combine thoughts: If Bradford is good enough to go sixth overall, the Rams should take him at No. 1. A good quarterback beats a very good defensive tackle. The Seahawks are in better position to take a chance on a quarterback early because they have another pick in the first half of the round. The second pick provides some insurance. Matt Hasselbeck's recent injury history should force the Seahawks to address this issue in the near term. Bradford could spend a season or at least part of a season on the bench, depending upon his health, Hasselbeck's health and Hasselbeck's production.

My post-combine followup: Bradford could be moving on a trajectory that makes it tougher to envision him lasting until the sixth overall choice. This can still be a good spot for the Seahawks to find a quality player and perhaps a player ranked No. 1 at his position. The five teams picking ahead of Seattle will make tough decisions. If Bradford, Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy are gone, as expected, the Seahawks could come away with one of the top offensive tackles. Offensive line coach Alex Gibbs might be able to work wonders with lesser talent on the line, but let's face facts. Any tackle the Seahawks draft will likely be in Seattle long after Gibbs moves on. And Seattle does need to upgrade its talent at tackle. Safety Eric Berry could be available, although his position works against him unless Seattle sees him as a Kenny Easley-type talent (Easley was more impressive physically at 6-foot-3, however).