NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

NFC West teams continue to reshape their rosters.

I've kept pace with the changes and made available my latest 26-column, steroid-enhanced rosters. Download here.

The Cardinals' quarterback count includes Kurt Warner because Arizona hasn't removed him from its roster (a formality).

Some have asked about Arizona's situation at receiver. The team is carrying only five wideouts. Onrea Jones and Ed Gant are two of them. With Anquan Boldin and Jerheme Urban gone, the Cardinals do need to find a fourth receiver. Perhaps they'll draft one. Sean Morey visited Seattle this week.

Some of the information on these rosters is incomplete. I haven't updated starters. I haven't updated all jersey numbers for new players or recently re-signed players.

There's plenty of functionality built into this file. You can rearrange the information to your liking through the pivot table on the first worksheet. I've got it set up to show the information in the chart below (players on the active roster, plus restricted free agents).

Roster counts: Active and RFA