Chat wrap: McNabb debate rages

The latest NFC West chat has come and gone. Transcript here. Highlights below. Didn't hit on the Rams as much as I would have liked. Unintentional.

Aaron (San Diego): Hi Mike, I love hearing how everyone thinks that Donovan McNabb will be a huge upgrade in the QB spot, but here is why it doesn't work! He's 34 has a history of injuries, in the last few years they have just been getting worse, the 49ers have invested in Alex Smith, yet never given him the opportunity to grow into a system. You cant have input in a system if you don't know how it works, which has been one of his biggest knocks! Lastly, McNabb has never played in a different system, hasn't had to relearn anything in an offseason, and there is no telling that he would thrive in that situation. He has only had Andy Reid as his play caller, and if you think the offensive coordinators he's been through matter, they don't -- Andy calls all those plays. Care to disagree with that?

Mike Sando: I agree with just about everything. I have raised all those points in discussing the matter on the blog. However, I would not say outright that McNabb is too old. He's been more durable than Alex Smith by a wide margin. He is not 34 years old until November. I realize 33 and 34 are close, but if he were turning 35 this season, that would lend additional credence to your point of view. Let's at least agree on his age. Let's also note that quarterbacks have had success in that age range. Let's also agree that McNabb has started 44 of 48 regular-season games over the last three seasons, throwing 74 TD passes with 28 interceptions. Alex Smith has started 17 games over the same period, with 36 TDs and 32 interceptions. McNabb is better than Smith by every measure except untapped potential. Doesn't mean the 49ers should rush into a deal or make a deal lightly. The other points you raised are definitely worth considering.

mike (az): Mike, why has there been zero talk about the Cards and Mt. Cody? I know many think he is a two-down player, but for those two downs, him, Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell is a pretty formidable line. He would free the LBs up a bit and would also free up Adrian wilson around the line of scrimmage. The biggest concern with him is his weight, and while it's not guarantee, if anyone is going to keep his weight in check its John Lott.

Mike Sando: Mel Kiper brought up Terence Cody specifically with Arizona in mind. You can see the video on the NFC West blog. The Cardinals absolutely could use a nose tackle in this draft. Bryan Robinson has been pretty good in the role, but he's up there in years and has not re-signed at this point.

Jesse Banning (Hayden, Idaho): What do you think the chances are the Seahawks make a play for Brandon Marshall or Dez Bryant. The Seahawks have not had a true number one in years.

Mike Sando: The Seahawks have tried to have No. 1 receivers, from Joey Galloway to Koren Robinson. But you're right. They really haven't had that guy. Seattle appears to be playing a waiting game on Marshall. I think that could still happen, possibly around or during the draft. I'd like that option better than using a first-round pick for a player who has not had multiple 100-catch seasons. Receivers seem to be so hit-or-miss. Marshall is a hit from a production standpoint. And if the price is lower than a first-round pick, good for Seattle. What if the Seahawks traded back from No. 14, gaining a pick late in the first round, plus another second-rounder. Then Seattle could send that late first-round choice to Denver for Marshall before picking twice in the second round. That's just me thinking out loud. Lots of possibilities.

Jeff (Cedar Rapids, Iowa): From the Rams perspective, doesn't a 1-2 draft of Sam Bradford/Mt Cody (or whichever DT/DE falls out of the first round) make a lot more long-term sense than Ndamukong Suh/Colt McCoy?

Mike Sando: It does to me. The team did sign Fred Robbins for needed size in the middle of the defense. Adam Carriker could be part of the rotation. Not necessary to take a defensive tackle at the top, although Ndamukong Suh would really help that defense, according to everyone I know who has watched him play extensively.

Thanks for participating. Looks like there's more NFC West-related news. Leroy Hill's guilty plea in a marijuana-possession case could subject him to NFL discipline.