Holmgren setting table for future GM role

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, fielding questions from reporters at his news conference Wednesday, reinforced previous comments about wanting another chance to prove he can succeed as a general manager.

And even though teams have been taking away GM duties from head coaches, Holmgren would welcome another opportunity to prove otherwise.

Holmgren: "Jimmy Johnson did it and did it very, very well. It is important that the people around you in helping you do this and feeding you information, it's important they are good people who do their jobs well and you have somebody to make that decision for you."

Holmgren has said he's 99 percent sure he'll want to return to the NFL in some capacity for the 2010 season. You can bet he'll want personnel powers included as part of any head coaching job he might consider in the future. I think he'll be able to get that type of title, too. But the second sentence from that quote above will be important to making that type of arrangement work.

A few other highlights from Holmgren's news conference:

  • Holmgren didn't know the severity of Patrick Kerney's injury when Kerney played against Green Bay in the playoffs last season. Kerney was apparently going to tough it out without letting on about how badly he was hurting. More recently, Walter Jones didn't say anything about the knee injury he took into the Dallas game. Holmgren called that an "old-school" approach to playing hurt. He also predicted, again, that Jones would be "fine" next season.

  • Holmgren called Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke the best thing to happen to the organization. Holmgren has valued his relationship with Leiweke after feuding with previous team president Bob Whitsitt. Leiweke has been instrumental in reconnecting and growing the Seahawks' fan base.

  • Holmgren, down to his final two games as Seahawks coach, recalled a few of his favorite memories. Beyond getting to the Super Bowl, he pointed to the playoff victory against the Redskins after Shaun Alexander left the game with an injury. He recalled the Dallas game when Jordan Babineaux picked off Drew Bledsoe in the final seconds to set up the winning field goal. And he brought up the playoff game against Dallas when Tony Romo fumbled the snap.