Chat wrap: Marshall trade thoughts

The latest NFC West chat came and went without much from Cardinals fans. The 26th overall pick just isn't as much of a talker. Transcript here. Highlights below:

six (albany ny): Mike, what's your opinion/take on the Brandon Marshall-to-Miami trade?

Mike Sando: My opinion is that the Broncos did a great job getting value in return, and the Seahawks were a victim of that. Seattle really lost out on a chance to get a rare talent, but when the price exceeded the Seahawks' realistic means, the team bowed out instead of panicking. That had to be hard, but giving up a second this year and a second next year would have left Seattle without second- or third-round choices for consecutive years. And that would have been tough.

will (slc ): Cody Brown, second-rounder last year for the Cards. What kinda season or player can he be? He was a good player at UConn.

Mike Sando: That's an important question for the Cardinals. The word on Brown was that he was very raw and would need some seasoning. That's why his injury was so costly. It was serious and really set him back. He's a guy to keep in the back of your mind. Don't expect much, but keep him on your radar. The Cardinals haven't seen enough of him to know what to expect right away.

Mike Murphy (Wood River, IL): Hi Mike, big fan of yours by the way. I'm a Rams fan and my question is, do you see them trading the first pick to the Browns and if so, what would you see them getting in return? And also, who do you see the Rams getting with the 33rd pick if they don't trade up or down to get a couple extra picks?

Mike Sando: The Browns' entire draft is worth 2,692 points on the trade-value chart. The first overall pick is worth 3,000 points on that chart. Let's say the 3,000 figure is overvalued. Still, the Browns would have to give up too much, in my opinion. It just doesn't seem feasible. The top of the second round is where the Rams can hope to find a touchdown maker. Maybe a receiver falls. They need points.

Tre (Florida): With Mike Solari and Ray Brown as 0-line coaches now for the 49ers, can we expect to see marked improvement from any of the players along the offensive line and if so, who would you say has the most upside (currently on the roster)? Also don't you think these guys could coach up a second-round pick like Vladimir Ducasse or Jared Veldheer into a starting right tackle if necessary?

Mike Sando: Chilo Rachal would probably have the most untapped potential among offensive linemen already on the 49ers' roster. Joe Staley and Eric Heitmann are already veterans at this point. Coaching up a tackle does sound appealing. The question is really whether the 49ers can feel good about taking their chances at that position. The need might be great enough to consider taking one earlier.

One week to the draft. Let the smokescreens intensify.