Rough draft: Sando's mockable mock

Reading through my first and possibly last 2010 NFL mock draft should clear up any confusion over how I spend my fall Saturdays.

That would be traveling, not watching college games.

I do know quite a few NFL personnel people, including a few who speak frankly on background, and they get the blame for any picks that don't add up or pan out.

I'll take full credit for the others.

By the final few picks, I was mostly looking for places to send prospects considered worthy of the first round. Golden Tate and Devin McCourty were two players I didn't work into the first 32 picks. Terrence Cody and Colt McCoy were also considerations.

Carlos Dunlap went to the Jets in a surprise at No. 29. If they can look past blemishes on Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie, why not take a stab at Dunlap, a player considered to have first-round talent amid question marks about intangibles?

Hope this gets you through the next few minutes. I'm heading off to my 5-year-old son's first t-ball practice of the spring. And I'm the head coach.

Talk about a reach.

2010 NFL Mock Draft