When will NFC West teams be on clock?

The Rams are scheduled to be "on the clock" with the first overall choice in the 2010 NFL draft beginning at 7:32 p.m. ET.

Teams have up to 10 minutes between first-round picks.

The chart shows what approximate time each NFC West team could be on the clock, based on how many minutes teams use between picks.

Every team will not use the same amount of time, and there could be dead time before the next team is officially on the clock, but if teams used 7 minutes on average between the first 12 picks, the 49ers could expect to be on the clock at No. 13 sometime around 8:56 p.m. ET.

Something to keep in mind if you'll be fighting through traffic on your way home from work, worried about missing your team's pick on TV.

The Rams hold the first pick. The Seahawks hold the sixth and 14th picks. The 49ers hold the 13th and 17th picks. The Cardinals hold the 26th pick.

2010 NFL Draft: Clock times