Rams GM on Bradford, trading pick

Rams general manager Billy Devaney survived the Ryan Leaf fiasco from his days in San Diego to become an NFL general manager. He didn't lose his career or his sense of humor. Devaney can be pugnacious, but he's also willing to laugh at his own expense.

That self-deprecating humor came through during his recent interview with Scott Van Pelt for ESPN Radio. Devaney said he quickly had second thoughts about drafting Leaf first overall in 1998, but he's having no such thoughts about Sam Bradford.

Devaney: "I kind of forgot about this. I thought about it this morning. ... I'll never forget the first ill feeling I got about, 'Oh, cripes,' we might have screwed this up. Ryan is back in New York, just as Bradford is. You are going to bring him to the facility. We wanted to bring him out to San Diego immediately, just as we are bringing Bradford out right now as we speak. Except Ryan called and said, 'Hey, I need a day. I'm stopping off in Las Vegas. I'm in my buddy's wedding and there is a bachelor party I have to go to. I'll be in San Diego the next day.' We thought, 'Oh, boy. You're going to top off in Las Vegas for a bachelor party. I have a feeling we might have really screwed this up."

Devaney also discussed trade possibilities in the second round. The Rams hold the first pick in the round and could trade out of the spot.