New stance for Seahawks' Aaron Curry

John Clayton's column focusing on Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry details one primary change for the No. 4 overall draft choice from 2009.

Curry is getting a chance to rush the passer from a three-point stance.

Curry to Clayton: "Everything I did in the past has been from a two-point stance. Coach (Pete) Carroll wanted to challenge me and he did that by trying me in some three-point stances. I found out I can rush better from a three-point stance than a two-point stance. It's like that rattlesnake. In the three-point stance, the snake is curled up and if you blink, you're bit."

Curry was gaining some notice as a pass-rush threat early last season before losing his way. I remember thinking Curry might be a threat to Kurt Warner in Week 6 after Curry collected fumble-forcing sacks in two of his previous three games. Seattle lost its quarterback on defense, Lofa Tatupu, during the Arizona game and Curry's season seemed to unravel.

Curry has too much talent to remain invisible for long. Getting some pass-rush impact from him would help justify the top-five overall draft investment Seattle made -- high for a strongside linebacker.