Matt Leinart, broker to the NFL stars

Terrell Owens gave Matt Leinart partial credit for the deal T.O. recently signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

"Owens called it the work of God because the only reason it happened is that he attended a function for Arizona quarterback Matt Leinart’s foundation and Leinart mentioned he was throwing to some guys the next week," Geoff Hobson of bengals.com reported. "Owens got a date and time and Palmer also happened to be there."

Leinart corroborated the story when asked about it by reporters at training camp Saturday.

"I do feel partly responsible for that," Leinart said. "I had my charity event and T.O., who has been a buddy of mine for a few years, we were going to work out together and myself and Carson (Palmer) trained everyday for the last three weeks together, which was cool for me because I always looked up to him and played with him for two years at USC. He is one of the premiere quarterbacks in the league, so it was fun to just throw and work out and T.O. came and worked out and the rest is history."

Leinart has previously gained notice for working out with Tom Brady and even NFL reporter/MMA enthusiast Jay Glazer.