Warner comes through time and again

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

TAMPA, Fla. -- Kurt Warner might lead the NFL in yards after the question. Sometime he keeps running with a topic right through the end zone and into the tunnel, Bo Jackson style.

Warner's third interview session in three days at Super Bowl XLIII produced a couple more nuggets from the Pro Bowl passer:

  • Warner does not like trick plays. He likes the results when those plays work, as when he found Larry Fitzgerald for that 62-yard touchdown on a flea-flicker pass in the NFC Championship Game. Warner said feels as though trick plays depend upon too many variables beyond a quarterback's control. As coach Ken Whisenhunt said, also Wednesday, even the most intelligently designed trick plays face likely failure unless called at precisely the right time.

  • Warner had to adjust his thinking to get more from Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. He wasn't initially comfortable throwing certain passes until Fitzgerald and Boldin showed they would beat defenders at the ball. I've always thought of Warner as a high-risk passer, particularly before this season, but Fitzgerald in particular allows a quarterback to throw into coverage.

Warner and the Cardinals will be available again Thursday. The big Super Bowl media day was Tuesday, but access actually improves later in the week. More on that in a bit.