Chat wrap: Cardinals have an edge to them

ESPN.com's Training Camp Chatter provides a forum for all-out discussion on all things NFL. I've been dropping by daily, as have the other divisional bloggers and various others, and that will continue through camps.

Here a transcript of our NFC West-related exchanges from Monday, as moderated by editor Emily Schaible:

Mike Sando: Greeting from NFC West land.

Emily Schaible: Welcome, Sando!

Brad: Who is getting the most first-team reps at running back for the Seahawks?

Mike Sando: Justin Forsett.

Jack: So, now that San Francisco is on the rise and Denver is all injured or traded away, which division is worse, the AFC West or the NFC West?

Emily Schaible: There were claims earlier that the Redskins could win the NFC West.

Mike Sando: The NFC West had by far the fewest non-division victories last season. Take away Kurt Warner, give Jason Campbell to Oakland and the burden of proof lies with the NFC West.

Tre: The 49ers just completed an injury-riddled practice this morning, so let's not put the cart before the horse.

Eric: Hi Mike, so which camp so far looks the most focused for the season?

Mike Sando: I have not yet been to see the Rams, but the Cardinals have an edge about them, no doubt. They relish proving doubters wrong.

Tre: Sando, what are (Anthony) Davis and (Mike) Iupati's margin of error now that they are the starters "for now" according to Singletary? How much growing pains is the team willing to endure?

Mike Sando: There's no looking back because the 49ers do not have great alternatives.

Brad: Who is expected to be the No. 2 receiver in Arizona now that Anquan Boldin is gone?

Mike Sando: Steve Breaston is 2, Early Doucet 3.

Tre: Sando, which OLB's might be available cheap for the 49ers considering three of their OLB's are currently not practicing?

Mike Sando: Bad options such as Adalius Thomas. It is still early.

Ryan: Sando, who can cover Vernon Davis? Seems like he will be the focus of opposing defensive coordinators. Raider fan here seeing if Michael Huff can get the job done.

Mike Sando: No one can consistently match up against Vernon Davis' combination of size and speed. It would take a great effort from a physical safety.

Will: How is the Cardinals offense looking in training camp? Do you think Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower will be as productive this year as last year with Warner and Boldin in the offense?

Mike Sando: Beanie Wells should be more productive. He is a new man physically. Remember, he could not practice last offseason til mid-June and he got hurt the first day if camp. He has been in their program all offseason this year.

Jack: How did Charlie Whitehurst look in the scrimmage yesterday?

Mike Sando: Whitehurst looked OK. He is not really pushing Matt Hasselbeck, though. And I think he appears a little slender. Would not want to see him scramble into, say, Darnell Dockett or Patrick Willis.

Steve: Is Mike Singletary going to to implement a "Marty Ball" offense like Rex Ryan did last year?

Mike Sando: The 49ers are going to run it a lot with Frank Gore. It depends some on how much their run blocking improves. They do have weapons in the passing game.

Emily Schaible: How many more questions can you take, Sando?

Mike Sando: Let's do two more.

Wil: How did the Cardinals' offensive line look?

Mike Sando: Good depth. I wonder what Alan Faneca has left, but they have good options at guard. Brandon Keith looks good at RT.

Jonathon: Will the Seahawks be better than they are given credit for? They have a good enough team to surprise some people?

Mike Sando: I think Seattle will improve by a couple games. The LT situation was horrible in 2009. The depth behind Hasselbeck could be better too.

Mike Sando: Thanks!

Emily Schaible: Thanks Sando!

Sorry, Rams fans, but there apparently were not Rams-related questions or comments during my session.

Note: The 49ers subsequently agreed to terms with outside linebacker Bruce Davis, formerly of the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers.