Pete Carroll's game management in focus

Most of the focus on Pete Carroll's transition back to the NFL has focused on his philosophy and the way he handles professional athletes.

Carroll brought up another aspect -- one that will come into play more tangibly as the season gets going.

"In the college game, we might have had four or five really critical 2-minute situations in nine years, so that's different," Carroll said Thursday.

An NFL team could have more than one critical 2-minute situation in a single game. How Carroll manages those situations after an extended period away from the NFL hasn't gotten much attention. It will if he makes mistakes or questionable decisions with games on the line.

"There are a lot of situations that come up and we've been grilling ourselves as a staff to get prepared, and the players, that need to know," Carroll said. "We won’t get all of those done, but we are in the mindset. It’s important for me to transition."

That part of the transition begins when Seattle opens its exhibition season Saturday night.