Carroll tipped hand on Lawrence Jackson

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll tipped his hand on defensive end Lawrence Jackson during a January interview with Mitch Levy of Seattle radio station KJR earlier this offseason. I'll break out some of those comments here in relation to word that Seattle would trade Jackson to the Detroit Lions.

"Well, I think Lawrence was picked in the first round with the expectation he was going to dominate," Carroll told Levy during this interview. "Lawrence was really good player for us. He is learning to be a good NFL player. He is still working at it. He is a work in progress."

Carroll then said the team would need to change Jackson.

"We have some ideas about how to help Lawrence with how he approaches the game," Carroll told Levy. "He is trying to be a flashy 4-3 outside pass-rush guy. We need to make him a down-and-dirty guy that plays down after down and does all the hard work. I need to beef him up a little bit. I'm looking at it a little differently than you think."

Levy had said that Carroll expected Jackson to become a dominant player in the NFL. Carroll shot down that thought.

"You said I thought he was going to be a great player," Carroll said. "I thought Lawrence was a very good player for us. I didn't know that he had the ability to dominate in the NFL, but I knew he could be a good solid player."

Levy then said he thought Carroll sounded surprised to see Jackson drafted in the first round.

"Um, I'm surprised about a lot of our guys," Carroll said. "I'm a little surprised by a lot of our guys that got picked in the first round. I've been a lot tougher on our guys than some of the guys that have drafted them."