Notes from Seattle's new-look locker room

RENTON, Wash. -- A peek inside the Seattle Seahawks' locker room for the first full-squad media session since roster cuts:

  • Visions of 2000 here. Back then, quarterback Jon Kitna stood in the locker room at the team's old facility and surveyed a locker room that had changed dramatically under Mike Holmgren's command. I figured Kitna didn't fit into the team's long-term plans and Kitna had to know it, too. Matt Hasselbeck is the holdover quarterback now. His contract expires after the season. The locker room feels nothing like it did when the Seahawks were good and players actually knew each other well. It looks nothing like it did last season or even last week. This is a team in transition, just as it was a decade ago.

  • Stacy Andrews looks the part. No wonder the Seahawks think the newly acquired offensive lineman can help at right tackle. Andrews is the most physically impressive offensive lineman on the team. He's huge and he's not fat. Seattle generally has not had offensive linemen in that physical mold. Can Andrews play? The team will find out. Andrews figures to get on the field sooner rather than later.

  • Hey, that's Deion Branch. Speculation about Branch's job security has made headlines for many months. It's pretty ironic that he would be one of a league-low 26 players remaining from Week 17 last season (counting players who were on injured reserve) after so much speculation.

  • Leroy Hill is accounted for. The suspended linebacker cannot play in Week 1, but he's allowed to be around the facility during his suspension. He was in the locker room with teammates, but he cannot practice.

  • Lounging around. Access changes allowed reporters into the locker room before practice as opposed to after practice. Some players used the opportunity to rest up for practice. That was Lofa Tatupu kicking back in a lounge chair with his hat pulled down.

  • Catching up with Curry. Second-year linebacker Aaron Curry could spend more time playing over opposing tight ends this season. In Week 1, that could mean additional matchups against the San Francisco 49ers' Vernon Davis. Curry and Davis have been matching up since college. Curry said Davis has become a much smarter player since their early matchups. More from Curry in a bit.

  • Surreal seeing Robinson. Former 49ers special-teams captain Michael Robinson held court with a large gathering of reporters as he prepared to face his former team. It's strange seeing him in Seattle's locker room.

Time to hit the road. Heading back to NFC West headquarters.