Mailbag: Rams, Curry and that No. 2 pick

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Brian from St. Louis writes: I know anybody the rams draft at the 2nd spot will have a huge impact on the team with them having so many needs, but do you see Aaron Curry fitting in with the rams?

Mike Sando: Curry has impressed at the combine. I could see him fitting in with the Rams as a player to build around. Curry seems to have the dynamic personality to become a young leader for a team that needs young leaders.

But if the Rams release Orlando Pace, which seems likely, they might have a hard time avoiding one of the offensive tackles. Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith might factor into their thinking with that second choice.

The top of the round remains without clear consensus. We do know the Rams' offensive line is a top priority this offseason. That makes me lean toward tackle if one of the prospects measures up to that No. 2 overall standing.

Nedwardo from Las Vegas writes: With the Cards going 4-1 without Boldin and with so many needs at other positions, why wouldn't the Cards trade Boldin for draft picks (say the Eagles w/ a TE to spare and extra draft picks)? Boldin deserves a shot at playing on another team outside of Larry's shadow with a new and bigger contract. And with the extra picks, the Cards could improve their running game and save some wear and tear on Warner by upgrading the O-line.

Mike Sando: Anquan Boldin is close to a sure bet. Draft choices are riskier bets. Also, getting Boldin under contract over the long term would provide protection for when Fitzgerald becomes a free agent. Fitzgerald becomes a free agent after the 2011 season and the Cardinals agreed not to name him their franchise player at that time. Those would be a couple reasons for not trading Boldin.

Joe from Davis, Calif., writes: Sando, given the fact that Jim Mora Jr. is a more defensive coach and the lackluster play of the Seattle Defense last season, do you foresee the Seahawks trading down and out of the #4 overall pick in order to gain more picks and add more DBs and D-line help?

Granted, the Seahawks are in need of a WR, but if they take a guy like Crabtree or Maclin, do you really think that solves the Seahawks trouble at WR? Given the injury circumstances last season, I don't think the coaches nor fans really know what type of talent Seattle already has at the WR position.

Mike Sando: Teams have been able to find good defensive linemen between the 11th and 15th overall picks, so your thinking is solid in theory. History says trading down from No. 4 is unlikely, however.

The question at receiver for Seattle would be whether the team could afford to sit back and hope its injured receivers avoid additional injuries in 2009. Adding a high-profile receiver would certainly help set up Seattle for the future.

Christoffer from Denmark writes: hey mike, great blog. there has been a lot of talk about drafting/signing new players for the Cardinals O-line, but Russ Grimm and the rest of the staff was very impressed with Brandon Keith in training camp, do you think he could get the chance?

Mike Sando: Brandon Keith will get another chance if the Cardinals' personnel remains the same. The team could stand to add starting-caliber depth at that position, either in free agency or the draft. A new center might help as well.

Tanner from California writes: Yo Sando. So, the Raiders released Gibril Wilson. Does Seattle pursue him? Will they pursue Sean Jones if he gets out of Cleveland? I guess my question is, who's the most possible free agent safety the Seahawks might go after?

Mike Sando: The Seahawks invested quite a bit of money in Deon Grant. Grant is playing strong safety. He could probably play free safety if needed, but I think the Seahawks would be likely to go with lower-cost alternatives opposite Grant if they decided to replace Brian Russell.

Brian from Los Angeles writes: Are the Seahawks pursing any free-agents and will their ability to sign these free agents affect how they draft?

Mike Sando: What the Seahawks do in free agency will affect their draft priorities. I do not expect Seattle to make a huge splash in free agency when the signing period opens.

We sometimes see teams reaching quick agreements as the signing period opens. Logic says these teams lined up deals before the signing period. I have no indication the Seahawks are lining up anything along those lines.

Craig from Tacoma writes: What do you think about Rhett Bomar? Is he a possible candidate for the Seahawks as a future QB?

Mike Sando: I've seen Bomar projected for the third or fourth round. Tim Ruskell's teams have selected six quarterbacks in the last 15 drafts. They found three of them in the third round. I do not know if the Seahawks have any interest in Bomar specifically or how they might view his departure from Oklahoma.

Mark from El Cerrito writes: Hi Mike, I read many posts by Seahawk fans clamoring for a big DT either in free agency or the draft. Based on his play before getting injured, how much can the Seahawks expect Red Bryant to fill this need? Red definitely has the size, how does the new coaching staff view him and/or envision using him? Thanks for your great coverage of the Seahawks and the NFC West.

Mike Sando: Thanks, Mark. Bryant would factor into the rotation, but not necessarily as an impact starter. Rocky Bernard will presumably leave in free agency, so this is a potential position of need for Seattle, even if Bryant develops. I'll have to ask the new staff for its thoughts on Bryant. Have not had a chance to do that yet.

Monte from Sacramento writes: Hey Sando, Do you think the recently released Gibril Wilson will inspire the 49ERS to acquire him. I think he would be a great addition to the team and now they could focus on other positions in the draft?

Mike Sando: Wilson is a strong safety. The 49ers might not be in the market for a strong safety until 2010. I think they figure Michael Lewis can play another year.