49ers, Rams had youngest starting offenses

Roster turnover in Seattle dominated NFC West discussion heading into Week 1, but it was the San Francisco 49ers with the youngest starters on offense -- not just in the division, but in the league overall.

That makes sense with two rookies starting on the offensive line and a second-year receiver, Michael Crabtree, also in the lineup.

The St. Louis Rams, with No. 1 overall choice Sam Bradford at quarterback and second-round choice Rodger Saffold at left tackle, fielded the second-youngest starting offense.

The chart ranks the 10 youngest starting offenses in the league for Week 1, punctuated by averages for Arizona (14th-oldest), Seattle (20th-oldest) and all teams. These averages reflect actual starting lineups, not projected starting lineups (Michael Vick counts as a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles, for example, because he lined up at receiver to open the game).

Note: All information is based on the rosters I maintain for every team in the league. Ages are calculated to the day, not to the most recent birthday (a player about to turn 30 would count as 29.9 instead of 29.0). Ages also reflect how old players were Friday, when I ran the calculations. This might seem like splitting hairs, but I point it out because the NFL produces more general averages.

2010 Week 1: Youngest Starting Offenses