RFA preview: Rams face decision on Setterstrom

February, 24, 2009

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams have three potential restricted free agents this offseason. The team faces fairly straightforward choices with guard Richie Incognito and defensive lineman Victor Adeyanju, but offensive lineman Mark Setterstrom could present a more difficult call.

Incognito and Adeyanju were mid-round draft choices. The Rams can make the minimum RFA offer -- $1.01 million this year -- without exposing themselves to undue risk.

Pending potential roster changes, St. Louis expects Incognito to start at right guard. If another team wanted to offer a long-term deal, the Rams could match the offer. If they decided against matching, they would receive a draft choice in Incognito's drafted round, the third. Either choice could help the Rams over the long term.

Setterstrom's case is different. He was only a seventh-round choice. The Rams wouldn't mind having him around as depth, but they presumably aren't excited about paying him more than $1 million, either. The team has until Thursday to make a decision.

Rams RFA Candidate Pos. Drafted Round Projected Tender Level Compensation if Lost
Richie Incognito
OL 3 $1.01M 2009 3rd- round pick
Victor Adeyanju
DL 4 $1.01M 2009 4th-round pick
Mark Setterstrom
OL 7 --



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