Chat wrap: What to do with Torry Holt

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Thanks to those who contributed to the weekly NFC West chat even though I forgot to promote it here on the blog. Quite a few people seemed to find it anyway, probably from the main NFL page. Apologies to those of you who find the blog through RSS feeds or other routes.

We'll continue the discussion in the comments section of this item for those still interested. Frankie from Chicago feared what releasing Torry Holt would do to the Rams' situation at receiver, particularly after Drew Bennett's release.

jesse (sacramento, CA): do you see a possible holt trade in the works or is it most likely a salary cap cut situation. why not trade him to the Eagles for lito shepperd, that way both sides get what they need in return for players that are on their way out anyway

Mike Sando: A trade would seem unlikely. The acquiring team would pick up a $6.65M salary and a $1.25M roster bonus. The Rams will not keep Holt at his current price. If they release him, another team could sign him for much less than $6.65M in base and $1.25M in roster.

Frankie (Chicago): What is going to happen with Orlando Pace, and Torry Holt? They combine for about 16 mil against the cap this year, but can we really afford to cut/trade Holt now that Bennett is gone? We would just be creating more needs. Whats going on here?

Mike Sando: I would expect the Rams to release Holt and probably Pace as well. Keeping Holt would just seem to cost too much. That is my feel.

Frankie (Chicago): I just don't think releasing Holt now makes much sense. So we'e going to have 2 rookies from last year, who both showed lots of promise in Donnie Avery, and Keenan Burton as our starters, with another 2nd year player, Derek Stanley as the #3 guy? I dont like the sound of that.

Mike Sando: Let's continue this discussion on the NFC West blog. You raise good points. I just think the writing is on the wall. They weren't going to get anything out of Bennett anyway, most likely.

If the Rams' released Holt, their receivers would consist of Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton, Derek Stanley, Nate Jones and Joel Filani. Dane Looker and Dante Hall are scheduled to become restricted free agents. When I look at what remains beyond Holt, I wonder if the Rams might be wise to consider a receiver with the second overall choice. Then again, teams can't reach for needs with these early picks, so the value would have to be right.

The Rams found Avery in the second round of the 2008 draft. He was good, but he was not ready to carry the offense for a full season. The Rams definitely need Avery and Burton to grow into increased roles for 2009. Can they afford to part with Holt?