Houshmandzadeh willing to go extra miles?

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

NFL players routinely fly from their work cities to hometowns and other far-flung destinations during regular-season work weeks.

The subject comes to mind while free-agent receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh chooses between offers from the Seahawks, Vikings and Bengals. Houshmandzadeh lives in the Los Angeles area. He travels to and from Los Angeles regularly, as does his family.

Geography could come into play if the Seahawks, Vikings and Bengals have made similar offers. The chart, put together with an assist from Web Flyer, breaks down mileage differentials between Los Angeles International Airport and airports in the competing NFL cities.

Players are generally off Tuesdays during the season. Some coaches give them off Mondays as well, generally following victories. Players healthy enough to avoid the training room can sometimes get away beginning Sunday night. As long as they're back in time for work Wednesday, teams have little say in the matter.

The team headquarters for the Seahawks, Vikings and Bengals are all situated within 15 to 20 minutes from major airports.