49ers not only NFC West team with QB issues

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The 49ers' quarterback situation has come into focus since the team visited with Kurt Warner, signed Damon Huard and reworked Alex Smith's contract.

While the 49ers are the only NFC West team without a declared starter, the other division teams also face quarterback questions.

The Cardinals gave third quarterback Brian St. Pierre a raise to $1 million while telling him he can compete with Matt Leinart for the No. 2 job.

The Seahawks' Matt Hasselbeck and the Rams' Marc Bulger are coming off horrible seasons.

Hasselbeck's injured back is feeling better. Doctors have cleared him. Can he last a full season? Bulger has seven more interceptions than touchdowns over the last two seasons. He has taken more sacks per game over the last three seasons than he did during his final three seasons under Mike Martz.

The Rams are carrying only two quarterbacks after releasing Trent Green. Like the Seahawks, they could stand to add a young prospect through the draft. The 49ers could draft one, too, although mjacob_21 made a strong argument against it when commenting here:

Ugh, why do people keep suggesting that San Francisco will go after another Quarterback in the draft? What, are you going to keep four QB's on the roster? Are you going to cut Hill, Smith or Huard after drafting a Quarterback? I don't see the logic here. Instead of cutting Smith (which is what they would have done if they were seriously seeking new developmental talent at the position), they signed him to a restructured deal. That means they will give him time to mature and develop, which is something you would also do for a QB taken outside of the first two rounds.

San Fran has a needs on the Offensive Line (what happened to those picks last year?), a backup 'thumper' for Gore, a legitimate burner at the wideout, pass rush help for the defense, and younger talent at the safety position. I
guess you could take a shot at someone like [Pat] White in the later rounds, but it's not as if the 49ers are so stocked everywhere else that they can afford to throw around draft picks. The position is fine for this year, worry about it next.