Gridiron Challenge: Week 6 fantasy ideas

Congrats to Cullen_Powers_Dominates for putting together the highest-scoring Week 5 team from among more than 3,500 entrants in the ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge.

Starting Matt Forte (30 points), Ray Rice (27), Malcolm Floyd (27) and the Chicago Bears' defense (23) helped produced a 176-point total.

Meanwhile, my team continued heading south for the winter (point totals for the last four weeks: 146, 118, 101 and 100). The new week brings renewed hope.

Please do point out the errors of my ways in thinking these fantasy thoughts for Week 6:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee looks like a solid play, and not just because he's coming off an 18-point performance. He's also facing the Tennessee Titans, owners of the top red zone defense in terms of lowest touchdown percentage allowed. Tennessee's opponents this season have attempted 17 field goals in five games, including seven in the last two games.

  • The San Francisco 49ers' defense could come out OK at home against the Oakland Raiders. The 49ers' defense ranks 31st in fantasy points. I'm proceeding under the assumption turnovers will even out at some point, and the 49ers have too much talent on defense to struggle all season.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers' Hines Ward carries a relatively low price tag. Might his production spike some with Ben Roethlisberger returning?

  • The Cleveland Browns have allowed five touchdown passes in two road games. They're on the road against Pittsburgh this week. Might this be a good time to pick up Roethlisberger, who is carrying a relatively low price tag in his first week of eligibility? I've had Aaron Rodgers to this point, but he's coming off a concussion and his offense is suffering from injuries.

  • As much as it appears Michael Crabtree's production is ascending, the Raiders' Nnamdi Asomugha could erase him from the stat sheet in Week 6, no?

  • Frank Gore fumbled twice last week. Now he faces the Raiders' 31st-ranked run defense. Seems like a good play.

The chart shows the top 10 overall competitors in the Blog Network group, plus a few stragglers (yes, my wife's team continues to lead my team, and I hear about it once or twice every day, usually when she asks from the other room if I know my point total).

2010 ESPN.com Blog Network Gridiron Challenge: Weeks 1-5