Carroll, Milloy and Cardinals-Seahawks

RENTON, Wash. -- Notes and thoughts after attending Pete Carroll's news conference and dropping by the Seattle Seahawks' locker room Wednesday:

  • A large group of reporters surrounded veteran safety Lawyer Milloy in the locker room to gauge his response to the NFL's punitive measures aimed at reducing helmet-on-helmet hits. Milloy spoke deliberately. He thinks the league is going too far and overlooking safety issues affecting defensive players. He said it's a shame the NFL is taking away big hits in the Ronnie Lott tradition. I passed along more expansive comments to ESPN.com colleague Jeffri Chadiha for a related piece.

  • Carroll wasn't going to play up the angle that his defense would be facing an undrafted rookie quarterback when Arizona's Max Hall visits Qwest Field on Sunday. Carroll did express surprise when told that Kurt Warner had compared Hall to himself. Carroll also framed his praise for Hall in terms of the what the Cardinals have said about the quarterback. There isn't much to go on. Carroll: "He is a very savvy kid. They really believe in him and have talked so highly about his leadership qualities. He is mobile and quick and resourceful. They have made a lot of good decisions in recent years to win championships. They know what they are doing. They put their stock in him. They want to run the football, too, and he can certainly complement that with his movement and getting out of the pocket and all that kind of stuff."

  • The Seahawks' passing game succeeded against the Chicago Bears' relatively straightforward defense. The Cardinals are much more aggressive and diverse on defense, creating different challenges and opportunities. Carroll on the Cardinals: "They are much more multiple. Chicago is much more of a fundamental, beat-you-up defense and they are great at it. This is a defense that will take more chances and scheme more and more looks and things like that."

  • Aaron Curry was on the sideline more than usual during the Chicago game. Carroll said that was because the Bears threw so much and Curry wasn't always part of the various coverage packages. Carroll said he expects Curry to play more against Arizona.

  • Carroll was vague on injuries. Brandon Mebane (calf) and Kelly Jennings (hamstring) will not practice Wednesday.

  • Carroll said the Seahawks' current defensive approach mirrors what the San Francisco 49ers ran when Carroll was with them in the 1990s. "That was the last time we played this formula of defense," Carroll said. Carroll credited former 49ers assistant Bill McPherson for teaching finer points of the defense to him. McPherson was part of Bill Walsh's staff beginning in 1979. He retired from the 49ers in 1999.

  • Carroll recalled Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt as a "good, solid player" for the New York Jets when Carroll was defensive coordinator for the team in the early 1990s. Carroll: "I told our players today in our meeting, 'Years ago I was sitting in a room with a bunch of guys and never in my wildest dreams would have thought one day I'd be coaching head-to-head against you in the NFL. I said, 'Which one of you guys is going to be the one?' I looked at the fellas and said I can't see it."

Some have asked why an earlier item promoting video included no video. Turns out there was an incorrect code entered into the inner workings of the item. I've been at Seahawks headquarters and away from the blog, but it's fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.